Monday, December 14, 2009

More Christmas Projects

I have been busy busy busy again... and I openly admit to scraplifting some of this stuff. But that's why we share with each other, right?

I got this great svg pattern from Denise's blog. I made 3 of these and put them on 12" round mirrors to give as gifts to very special friends this year. 

My mother asked me to make some cards for her siblings, and these are what I came up with. I used the Christmas Solutions cartridge to cut out the tree onto some mounting paper. I got the different colors by taking out only certain parts of the design and adding some "Glamour Glitter" to the sticky page. Sorry the pictures don't do these justice. It is a very cool effect to have the entire design in glitter. And the Glamour Glitter is so fine that this design is smooth to the touch. I used some Flower Soft for the snow and on the embellisments on the inside of the cards.

We have some little friends who turned 2 on December 5th. So I quickly created these cards using Design Studio, Sesame Street Font and George.
This one is for Brooklyn...and this one is for Will. The glitter is Martha Stewart and it GLOWS in the dark! The little kids loved them!

I totally scraplifted this one off of the Cricut message board - but it was worth it! Such a cute idea! It was for my mom and she loved it too. Kind of fun to see her reaction when I know she loves something I've given her. Love ya mom!

I used Paper Doll Dressup to cut out these images, and embellished them with a whole bunch of different stickles, inks, fun flock and paints. Although it is not my design, I did save my .cut file if any of you would like to have a copy of it. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Ornaments and SVG's

I have been really busy as of late! I've made so many things and have so many more to go - and the clock is just ticking away. I need to slow down and enjoy a little bit more of the "Christmas" spirit and not so much "rush"...

I used vinyl on both sides of these little glass ornaments that I picked up at Michaels. I also put a little bit of fake snow inside, along with a small cut of something Christmasy - like a stocking, star or toy.

Everyone had matching ribbons to hang the ornaments with.

A better glimpse of the type of decoration I placed inside the ball.

These were super fun to make and really easy! We'll be mailing most of these out this week, and hope that they get there in time for Christmas.

I also did a very rough cut of one of the churches from the Winter Wonderland cartridge. These are so stinkin' cute! I haven't made a bigger one yet - but I can see so much potential for decorating these. Something for every season!

This last weekend I was asked to help with the ward "Super Saturday" and we made some signs with vinyl on them. I totally scored with the vinyl as I called a local sign shop and they said I could come pick up some scraps for FREE! There was quite a bit of it there - and certainly more than enough to cut for the signs were were making. Here are some samples of our finished projects...

They turned out so well! The girls making them wanted to have another sign making activity with some ideas for Family Home Evening boards.

I was playing around tonight too and made a few svgs. I haven't test cut them - so if you download them, please leave me a note to tell me if they work or not.

Get the link here.

Get the link here.

Get the link here.

Get the link here.

Get the link here.

Get the link here.

Get the link here.

Get the link here.

PLEASE let me know if these cuts work for you! I love to get comments!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Posters and Another Layout

I had a very productive weekend! DD called me from work on Friday night and said that she had volunteered to help with a work project... which actually translated to mean that she'd volunteered ME for a work project. They were having a special in the cosmetics department and she couldn't bear to watch this girl cutting out snowflakes with a template and scissors. She told me what we needed to do, so we got right to work and came up with these -

There were 13 of them all together. Just different snowflakes that we sprinkled Dazzling Diamond glitter on - but they did turn out quite well. The girls at DD's work thought they did too... She said that she got hugged "lots" and there was also lots of squealing and kudos for these "beautiful posters". They sent home a great thank you package full of new perfumes and creams! Both things that I LOVE!

I was still in the mojo mood, so I finished up a scrapbook page that I had started about a week ago. I know! But it turned into quite a busy week! This layout is based on a sketch from Crafts By Rowena. (I love her sketches!) Let me know what you think. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Shape Books

I have been inspired!! Here are my latest two creations using the technique taught by the Bug Junkie, "Lisa".

I made this one for nephew L -

This book was inspired by this entry at Bug Junkie. I just tweaked it a bit to use some more of the cartridges that I do have. Can you tell that I just love these books??

With Lisa's permission, the .cut file is here.

And I made this one for niece M -

This one was inspired by this entry at Bug Junkie. I tweaked this one too, by adding my niece's name. This is not a great shot of this book, but Lisa had a better one on her blog.

I made this one for nephew J -

This one is based on the idea from the Bug Junkie above, but I created my own file for a boy.

You can get the .cut file is here.

I would show you the one I made for nephew C, but it is exactly like the one for nephew L... it's just blue instead of green.

So... what do you think?

I used lots of stickles, paint, beads and flower soft to embellish them. I even embossed many of the accents. I hope to be able to give these to the kids by next week.

Leave me some love if you like them.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthdays and Boss' Day

I've been working on a few things these last couple weeks. First of all, it is birthday month at our house, so we've had a couple of invitations to make.

V is first in the month and here is what we were able to come up with for him.

We used Wild Card and Everyday Paper Dolls, as well as the musical notes to emboss. I also versa marked and glittered the front of the card. Our little guy was pretty tickled with how these turned out... and they turned out a darn site better than the nasty cake!

Do NOT try to ice a warm cake with icing that is too thick! Nuff' said...

Get the .cut file for this one here.

Our next birthday is coming up next week, but the party is this weekend. Here is what we came up with for birthday party number 2.

This one we made using the Everyday Paperdolls alien and spaceship. I simply welded two spaceships together to make the card. I found a spare sheet of acetate to use as the bubble cover. I also made a little slit to put the alien's head through. If I had remembered to take a picture of the inside of this card, you'd see the little backside of the alien opposite the invitation details. T was thrilled to hand these out to his friends - mostly because it was his idea.

Get the .cut file for this one here.

Lastly, tomorrow is "Boss' Day". I offered to make a card for my mother to take to her boss. I was lucky enough to find this little gem on Denise's Scrapbooking page - and here's my take on her card.

This one proved to be a little bit more difficult than I had thought it would be! Some of the lettering in the file was just too delicate for me to get off the mat in one piece. So I reworked a couple of things, lost one of the phrases totally (hey - it was that or my mind!) and added some serious embellishing.

I embossed the front with the Cuttlebug pattern, Victoria. Then I brushed it with some real rust, and old olive inks from SU. I used the heat and bond to attach the glitter at the bottom. On the inside I distressed the one side with some ranger ink and pearlessence by spraying and wiping. Then I matted the back with the same paper as the words cut and added a little flower I found in my stash. Lots of room for mom to write her message and sign her name.

You can see this file on Denise's blog here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Candy!

This one is for those who love Flower Soft! Go check it out for your self over on Amanda's Blog.
Be warned though - she's drawing on my birthday - so I'm planning to win! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shape Book!!

I could hardly wait to show this one off! I've been working on it for over a week now - and even I love the way this turned out!

I was watching and learning from a pro on these shape books... Let me introduce you to Lisa over at The Bug Junkie.

Lisa is one of the most talented people I've seen around! Her work is incredible! But she shares too - and she created a series of instruction videos to help create a shape book. So without further ado - here is what I was able to create by following along with Lisa...

I loved these so much that I made two of them for my nephews. Even my kids were impressed and may have been quoted as saying, "You made this??"

These little books can be used as photo albums or just for decoration. I will be sending them to the boys this week with a little pack of Halloween stickers and I hope that they like them too!

No Time for Crafting!

I have just not had the time to dedicate to my crafting that I would like to! Those darn farming games on Facebook are just sucking up all my time I tell you! Kidding - sort of...

We were to give a presentation to our Fostering Agency on Tuesday. A kind of accounting for why they sent us to Atlanta and I made the cutest little tag/bookmark thingy's - and forgot them at home!!

I did like the way they turned out though... I used A Child's Year and Christmas Cheer cartridges. Then I sprayed them all with Ranger inks and rubbed the edges with a matching SU inkspot. Ribbon is from Walmart.

Very simple design, but if you'd like the .cut file you can get it here.

I also did a little work on some cards. The intent was to do another of those One Page Wonders (see my post here), but I only got to complete one of them.

The cut just happened to put the skull where it did on this card. She's cute - but I confess I don't get the whole "skull" thing. Maybe some one can explain it to me one day...

More to come!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gypsy Giveaway

You can earn your chance to win a brand new Gypsy from The Cartridge Helper. Click here to enter!

Win A Cricut Gypsy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christmas Card

I decided to play around with the Christmas Solutions cartridge this week. Using Design Studio I was able to create this card.

Still looking kind of plain to me... so I added some ribbon...

I used Crystal Effects and some Stickles to bling it up... Finally! The finished product!

If you download this file, please leave a comment. Also, if you use this file on your blog, please link back to this entry. You can get the .cut file for this card here.

I also completed some cards at my SU Club on Saturday night. Anita always has such fun ideas! This one was a "one page" design. The pattern was set up so that we could get make 8 cuts from one piece of 8 1/2" x 11" of cardstock. We also made a very cute little envelope - suitable for gift giving! Here's what they look like...

These were really easy and quick to make - not to mention FUN! I took V with me to this club night and he was having a great time with all the inks and stamps and cutting... He came home and went to work on a second set!