Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yummy Blog Candy!

I love this stuff! Blog candy is always such a "sweet treat"! Here are a couple that popped up on my screen tonight.

Go check out Posh Designs Scrapbook Store for your chance at some wonderful blog candy. Looks delish!

You can find some more blog candy at Tammy's Place. This one looks super fun too.

Please let me know if you find any more to share. I'm always happy to pass these ones on and hope that maybe one day I'll be the lucky recipient of one of these great packages.

Cuttlebug and Sponge Bob!

I did it... I broke down when that 50% off coupon landed in my email. I even tried to avoid it for a couple of days but thinking about it got the better of me and I went to Michael's and bought a Cuttlebug... and to be honest... I LOVE IT!

I have no desire to cut things with it. I bought it only for embossing and so far I'm having a blast with it! I already had a couple of embossing folders that I'd used with a rolling pin - but I'd seen a video that shows how to made your own embossing cards and I can hardly wait to have time enough to try that. The possibilities are endless!

And just when I was having fun rolling everything I could find through the Cuttlebug - my Spongebob cartridge arrived. I had to make something with it right away. Opened up the Design Studio and made this little guy into a card...

I think I chose this one because I was so frustrated at the first official day of summer vacation home with the boys. Sigh... Water fights, wrestling fights, name calling fights and LOST glasses!! We're in for a long vacation...

Through all that I did manage to get another card done too. This one is one of Jennie Bean's inspirations. It doesn't look like hers - but it was only my first attempt!

You can see where I ran it through my Cuttlebug too. I know it looks amateurish - I'm not fooling myself - but it was fun to make and I did learn some stuff along the way.

We're painting the basement rooms this week so I hope to be able to post some pics of that later.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tried it and it Worked!

So I was blog hopping and read something about welding shapes to make cards. (There are some beautiful cards out there by the way...) I thought this looked like a lot of fun and would be so cute to do too! So, I welded some shapes in DS from the cartridges I already have. These particular cartridges do not have the "card" option as a feature - which made this doubly cool to me! Here's what I came up with -

Aren't these adorable?! This opened up a world of possibilities for me! All I had to do was load two shadow images, flip one and weld them back to back. Then I simply created the original cut from the cartridge and attached it to the front. One lesson I did learn with Cookie Monster here is to use a light color for the shadow... Black is hard to write on! I'll figure something out for the inside of this one - but what fun!

Now I can hardly wait until my Sponge Bob cartridge gets here! I'm itching to try these as birthday cards for the kids this summer.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Many Creations and Happy Father's Day!

I finally finished my cards and boxes for my Stampin Up club card exchange last night. I made 10 but here are 7 of them.

I got the idea for the boxes from Dawn's Stampin Thoughts and I used Hello Kitty, Pooh & Friends, Paper Doll Dressup and Mickey and Friends on my cricut to cut the shapes. I got the font from the Sesame Street Font cartridge. I do not know where the paper came from, or the ribbon for that matter. It was stuff from my stash...

The pictures are a little blurry - but I think they turned out really cute!

I've been try to work with my new SCAL program too. I've been able to find some really beautiful cuts - but I'm still struggling to find my inner creativity with this one. I'll get there.

I did make some things with it for Father's Day though. Here is a picture of what we gave DH for Father's Day this morning. I made the card, and the decorations for the can with SCAL and DS.

The card was a downloaded idea from another girl (who I'd love to give credit too - but can't remember where I got it from! I'll get better at this - I promise!) and the cans are a combination of some Stampin Up stamps with embossing and my Storybook cartridge. Really cute idea too! We used the Tupperware can opener that opens cans on the side, washed them out really well, filled them with candy and super-glued the lids back on. Dad LOVED them! He also got waffles for breakfast, a Boston Pizza chocolate and a clay dragon in a CD case. He also got a chocolate bar at church. Not a bad haul!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog Candy!!

Head on over to http://eulandasilvey.blogspot.com/ to take a looky lou at the blog candy she is offering! Wow!

More blog candy to be had at http://bonibleauxdesigns.blogspot.com/2009/06/its-all-about-accessories.html - I KNOW you're going to want in on this one too!

Not enough? There is still more to be had over at http://scrapstampandbemerry.blogspot.com/2009/06/birthday-blog-candy.html - Beautiful items!

There are some great things I don't have in this blog candy! Check it out at http://lesliesloft-leslie.blogspot.com/

You can see Michelle's blog candy here... It's wonderful and yummy too!

Lisa M has some wonderful blog candy that you can see here.

And finally, some blog candy that includes the new "in colors" from Stampin Up! Check them out on Samantha's blog here.

That was all I found tonight... but there is some great winnings in here for someone! (I hope that some of it goes to me! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Candy

Run - don't walk - and check out the fantastic blog candy being offered at "Going Buggy". Tell them Kerry sent you! :)

Enfys is offering
Debbie Mumm Stamp Set - two nursery rhyme theme sets of clear stamps,
2 pigment ink pads,
2 glitter glues and one acrylic block
Martha Stewart 'Frond' punch
Cuttlebug cutting dies (2) - flowers
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder - Swiss Dots
Cloud 9 Design epoxy paper clips in black and white
DCWV black and cream ribbons and a spool of my favourite black and white gingham ribbon
Prima black flowers embossed with metallic copper (these are lush)
DCWV 4 x 6" Green stack (which I forgot to photograph, but I love the papers)
CD - Funky Word Books, as seen on Create and Craft TV
The Cutting Cafe will give 2 downloads of the winners choice
Cute Daisy May will donate 3 sheets of Cute Daisy May images
Lily-Boo's Boutique will donate 3 sheets of Lily-Boo designs
PolkaDoodles will donate some of her fabulous stampies

Get in on this while the getting is good! :)

My Jukebox has Arrived!

It got here today and I'm dying to try it out! My Cricut Jukebox that I won on EBay! Yay!
I was super excited when I saw the box at the door.

My son couldn't figure out why I was so excited about a "jukebox" when we already have a stereo. I said it wasn't that kind of jukebox. "So you hook it up to your I-pod then?" he asks... Sigh... "No son. It's for my Cricut. It holds six cartridges at once." That's when he told me that I was officially the biggest geek he'd ever met. I can live with that. The way I see it, if a teenager thinks you're a goof - you're doing something right!

Can't wait to put this one to use! Actually I can't wait to put it to use in the new craft room! Off to mud some walls now...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Took the Plunge

I took the plunge and bought Sure Cuts A Lot. The things that you can do with this program seem to be ENDLESS! I haven't created a whole lot with it yet... but I have found some wonderful "freebies" that others have shared and I am anxious to work with some of those. I promise that if I do - I will give credit where credit is due. :)

I do have some pictures of the adorable card boxes that I made this weekend - but I want to finish all ten of them before I post. It was a very busy and productive weekend both for the card box projects and for hubby getting the drywall done on the new rooms in the basement. My craft room will be done soon!!! YAY!! I can hardly wait to post pics of that new room too! I don't think DH understood my desire to create things until he started working on those rooms downstairs. Something kicked in for him and he worked like a madman all weekend. Heap big proud of himself too! He should be - he did great work!

Look for those pics in a bit...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still Going...

I DID do some housework today! Honest! But I was on such a roll after yesterday that I decided to make a few more things today. So after finishing the 10th lace card for my Stampin Up Club, I made these for the girls I visit teach...

I just loved the colors in these ones. Again, the designs are not mine but borrowed from Just for Sharing and Scrapped Lives. Hope that the girls like them!

Also - big news for the day! I won a Jukebox on Ebay! Can't hardly wait until it gets here! I know that this will make working with my Cricut and Design Studio so much easier! I'm so happyyyy!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Got the Inspiration Back!

Woo Hoo! I've been blog hopping for a couple of days and found some unbelievably talented and generous people who have shared their .cut files. It took me a bit of time to get some of them open as I kept getting a date time validity error. Turns out that I simply had to switch my region settings to US, instead of Canada, and viola!! Design Studio files open and cutting! I'm so thrilled at the possibilities I can see with these.

Here's a picture of one that I actually tried today. This is a combination from two different cut files. The card came from Linda over at Just For Sharing. This woman is incredibly talented and I am both inspired and jealous! Beautiful work!!

The inside of the card came from Carla at Scrapped Lives. Also incredibly GORGEOUS files!!

But I didn't stop there! :) Monday's are my day with Riley - and what better way to spend the day than with a 4 year old that loves to "cut paper"? She uses up all the scraps! :) We made this one...

Now, I will tell you that the pop up here is not my design! I thought I had downloaded this one so as to give the designer credit - so I will update this entry with that information, as soon as I can find it.

(FOUND IT! Got this wonderful creation from Kay over at Clever Someday. Thank you Kay! You opened up a world of possibility for me with these designs.)

The last one we did was another download from Just For Sharing. I absolutely LOVE this one! I embossed the front of these cards and added some ribbon to kind of make them my own. Thank you again, Linda, for your incredible designs!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lost The Mojo...

I need help getting creative! I spent the last two days working on a "Plan of Salvation" project for our ward missionaries - and it did turn out pretty cute, but I can't think of new things to create! I need some motivation, so I've been blog hopping and hope to have someone else's creations strike me.

Speaking of blog hopping... I have found so many wonderful blogs of people who want to share their creativity. Isn't there anyone who wants to follow my blog??