Sunday, June 7, 2009

Got the Inspiration Back!

Woo Hoo! I've been blog hopping for a couple of days and found some unbelievably talented and generous people who have shared their .cut files. It took me a bit of time to get some of them open as I kept getting a date time validity error. Turns out that I simply had to switch my region settings to US, instead of Canada, and viola!! Design Studio files open and cutting! I'm so thrilled at the possibilities I can see with these.

Here's a picture of one that I actually tried today. This is a combination from two different cut files. The card came from Linda over at Just For Sharing. This woman is incredibly talented and I am both inspired and jealous! Beautiful work!!

The inside of the card came from Carla at Scrapped Lives. Also incredibly GORGEOUS files!!

But I didn't stop there! :) Monday's are my day with Riley - and what better way to spend the day than with a 4 year old that loves to "cut paper"? She uses up all the scraps! :) We made this one...

Now, I will tell you that the pop up here is not my design! I thought I had downloaded this one so as to give the designer credit - so I will update this entry with that information, as soon as I can find it.

(FOUND IT! Got this wonderful creation from Kay over at Clever Someday. Thank you Kay! You opened up a world of possibility for me with these designs.)

The last one we did was another download from Just For Sharing. I absolutely LOVE this one! I embossed the front of these cards and added some ribbon to kind of make them my own. Thank you again, Linda, for your incredible designs!


Susan said...

Looks to me like you got your MOJO back!!! Great cards!!!

Sheri said...

How beautiful! I love the intricacy of your cards!

Anonymous said...

Kerry........I LOVE your cards!!!! The pop ups are GREAT!!!!! You definately have gotten your "mojo" back......I hope you are having a blessed day!!!

Chris said...

I love this last card. I want to make a bunch for gifts or to have on hand for notes. Thank you so much for sharing. I get lots of my ideas from blog hopping too. Yes I would say you have your MOJO back.