Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Jukebox has Arrived!

It got here today and I'm dying to try it out! My Cricut Jukebox that I won on EBay! Yay!
I was super excited when I saw the box at the door.

My son couldn't figure out why I was so excited about a "jukebox" when we already have a stereo. I said it wasn't that kind of jukebox. "So you hook it up to your I-pod then?" he asks... Sigh... "No son. It's for my Cricut. It holds six cartridges at once." That's when he told me that I was officially the biggest geek he'd ever met. I can live with that. The way I see it, if a teenager thinks you're a goof - you're doing something right!

Can't wait to put this one to use! Actually I can't wait to put it to use in the new craft room! Off to mud some walls now...

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