Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tried it and it Worked!

So I was blog hopping and read something about welding shapes to make cards. (There are some beautiful cards out there by the way...) I thought this looked like a lot of fun and would be so cute to do too! So, I welded some shapes in DS from the cartridges I already have. These particular cartridges do not have the "card" option as a feature - which made this doubly cool to me! Here's what I came up with -

Aren't these adorable?! This opened up a world of possibilities for me! All I had to do was load two shadow images, flip one and weld them back to back. Then I simply created the original cut from the cartridge and attached it to the front. One lesson I did learn with Cookie Monster here is to use a light color for the shadow... Black is hard to write on! I'll figure something out for the inside of this one - but what fun!

Now I can hardly wait until my Sponge Bob cartridge gets here! I'm itching to try these as birthday cards for the kids this summer.

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