Sunday, July 12, 2009

Man Made Card

I stumbled upon this one while browsing some other blogs. It was just too funny not to share! It made me laugh out loud!

Man Made Card

I was also able to take a couple of photos of my Scrapbook Day posters before too many people got to church. Didn't think it would be appropriate to be snapping pictures as people were gathering in the foyer. I used the Storybook cartridge to make all the letters and the frame. I also used the Design Studio to weld the frame and letters for the center. I made sure to pop this one out! Thought it was kind of cute - and had a few compliments on it today too.

I was supposed to be moving into my craft room this week - but we had to re-mud the walls - which means we now have to repaint the walls. One more week! I hope... I don't want this to be a summer long project anymore!

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