Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tooth Fairy, A New Car and a Get Better Card

I had begun to put together a new layout for T last week, but totally got side tracked with all the kids coming and going over the last few days. I finally got finished this one earlier this week - and it probably needs some explaining.
T loves to write notes to the Tooth Fairy. In this first one, he wrote a note asking the Tooth Fairy if she was a boy or a girl. That Tooth Fairy was late that week too - so this is the note Terry got back from her:

"Hey T!
Sorry about last night but I had some bad Chinese food and I was sick! Anyway, I am a girl because who ever wants to be a boy and called a fairy! Haw haw hee hee hoo hoo. That's funny. Sorry again. Here's 2 bucks instead of 1."

With this second note, T asked her what her name was and if she could leave him some fairy dust and got this note back from the Tooth Fairy:
"Dear T,

Thanks for your letter. My name IS The Tooth Fairy. Sorry I didn't have any dust left, so here's a couple of quarters. Love you lots! Now lose more teeth!!"

The Tooth Fairy leaves pretty funny notes here at our house!

Part of the reason I was so busy last week is that I had to help DD to buy her first car. It just so happens that our bishop is a car salesman, and that means we trusted him! :) He got her a great deal on her "G5" and she was stoked! Actually, I was too as that meant I got my van back!

One of the first things she asked for was an "Eeyore" decal and here's what we came up with.

Love him! He's so cute!!

Lastly, my poor "baby" sister is in the hospital this week and just feeling really lousy physically and emotionally. I made her this little card today to try and help cheer her up. Sorry about the picture... in a hurry and all that! I used a .cut file from a wonderful person on my yahoo groups, who deserves full credit - but her name eludes me at the moment. I'll give credit if anyone can help me remember who created this file! I embellished with SU Dazzling Diamond glitter, my Cuttlebug circles folder, Elmer's Glitter Glue, Liquid Applique, flower brads, and ribbon. It was a rush job but turned out way better than this picture shows and she liked it - so that's all that matters. :)

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