Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Time for Crafting!

I have just not had the time to dedicate to my crafting that I would like to! Those darn farming games on Facebook are just sucking up all my time I tell you! Kidding - sort of...

We were to give a presentation to our Fostering Agency on Tuesday. A kind of accounting for why they sent us to Atlanta and I made the cutest little tag/bookmark thingy's - and forgot them at home!!

I did like the way they turned out though... I used A Child's Year and Christmas Cheer cartridges. Then I sprayed them all with Ranger inks and rubbed the edges with a matching SU inkspot. Ribbon is from Walmart.

Very simple design, but if you'd like the .cut file you can get it here.

I also did a little work on some cards. The intent was to do another of those One Page Wonders (see my post here), but I only got to complete one of them.

The cut just happened to put the skull where it did on this card. She's cute - but I confess I don't get the whole "skull" thing. Maybe some one can explain it to me one day...

More to come!

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